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10 Common SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them



"It’s important, however, to steer clear of all the technical jargon and focus on what really matters to the modern search engines—results that matter to consumers."

10 Common SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them
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As we have said before, SEO takes time and effort. There simply are no short cuts, but there are plenty of mistakes that you can make. This article by Upwork shows a great example of 10 mistakes that entrepreneurs make all the time when trying to improve SEO.

The most common mistake I see entrepreneurs make is one of not understanding the difference between white hat and black hat SEO techniques. If you do a search for 'black hat SEO' you will get dozens of articles. In short, black hat SEO are any tactics used by web designers to bring a visitor to your site without using quality content and thus creating a poor search experience. I have seen small business owners pay the price for this mistake when Google de-indexes pages due to these practices.

This is one of the many mistakes that this article warns website owners to avoid. The others include:

1. Not focusing on relevant content

2. Being lured by Black Hat SEO Temptations

3. Causing poor load times with an overloaded web page

4. Making it hard to find important content

5. Making mistakes with 301 and 302 redirects

6. Failing to understand the backlink process

7. Forgetting about local searches

8. Forgetting the importance of fresh content

9. Using poor internal linking strategies

10. Expecting dramatic results overnight

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