5 Shocking Things Google Ads doesn't want you to know about your account.


Brenton Marcum

"While you might think the default settings in Google Ads are there to help businesses reach their goals, many settings primarily generate revenue for Google." --Brenton Marcum

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Let's get the obvious out of the way. If you are a small business, Google is bigger than you. Google probably spends more on their utility bills in a month than your company generates in a year. And it is for good reason. Google offers a terrific set of products and services that, if used properly, can help your business generate traffic to your website.

Which begs the question "How do I get the most out of my Google Ads, which if I am not careful, can get really expensive?" Brenton Marcum from Blue Compass has written a wonderful piece that lays out 5 ways you can start getting more out of your Google Ads.

This article is a must read for any small business that is looking to invest the scarce dollars they have in Google Ads. Brenton talks about key settings in Google Ads (and there are MANY settings in Google Ads) that small businesses really should pay attention to:

1) Not letting Google run you campaign
2) Search vs. Display settings
3) Automated vs. Manual Bidding
4) Keyword selection
5) Location Targeting

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