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7 Principles of Website Design


Jennifer Kaplan

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist -- Pablo Picasso”

7 Principles of Website Design
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What is beauty? The age old answer to this question is 'it's in the eye of the beholder.' While that answer may be the sentimental favorite, there are definitely metrics in the website design world that will prove some websites are more pleasing than others.

Jennifer Kaplan does a terrific job in this article laying out seven principles of great design. She shows eye popping examples of what good design is, what it isn't and how you can apply the principles to your website. We take a number of hints from experts like these when we craft your competitive looking websites.

If you want to bring your web presence vision to life in the most stunning and unforgettable manner, you really need to read this terrific article first. Jennifer is a master at this and she will not disappoint.

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