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Ineffective Blogging


Jeff Bullas

"Your blog may only get a few dozen hits each post. And the only shares that happen come from your own social media accounts."

Ineffective Blogging
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We have always sworn by Jeff Bullas and his guidance when it comes to blog writing. On our home page, we talk a lot about websites dying. They die because of a lack of content. That lack of content comes from a) You don't have the time to create the content (VirtuOps solves that with a Digital Assistant) or b) Your 'cheap' web designer has made it financially impossible for you to update your site.

But once you overcome these two hurdles by going with VirtuOps, you need to have QUALITY content. This means writing good blog articles. Jeff is the master at writing blogs and we tell every customer we have about Jeff. If you are concerned about why your blogs aren't getting enough hits, you really need to read Jeff's article here.

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