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AAPPSPA Members - Get 25% off of your Website Design/Redesign

I Would Like to Learn How to Do This


Therapists (SLPs, OMTs, IBCLCs, CSTs, and Medical Professionals (Doctors) can now remove 'web designers' from their budget while getting more features that drive business from their website.  Get VirtuOps today and not only run your website yourself, but get these key benefits:

Automate Content Curation - Fill in a Form, Create a Page Rich with SEO

VirtuOps 'SEO Site Boost' with joint marketing.  Make money off of your site while you make money off of us!  

Professional Directory - Show your colleagues that you can help their business with free advertising from your site, drive more referrals

Automate your contact form messages - Auto reply, schedule, automate follow up emails for those who do not answer right away

PATIENT EXERCISES IN YOUR SITE - Care for your patients when they are not in your office, care for more patients every day of the week   

Better Care

Patient Portal:  Care for Patients with Tailored Exercises

Complete care in all phases cannot be done in the office.  Give your patients the information they need in formats easily presented on digital devices anywhere.  Take care of your patients in and out of the office so they get better faster.


Tell Your Patients Why You Stand out as a Care Giver

You will not need an expensive web designer or hours and hours per week tending to your website to tell potential patients why you are great!  Curate content, add services, change photos/colors/copy/fonts in seconds!  Our VirtuOps Digital Assistant and automation with  add hours back into your week and make this YOUR website.


Postpone or Eliminate the Need for More Budget

This is plain and simple:  No more web designers!  You can do everything yourself regardless of your level of skill.  Additionally, tasks like updating spreadsheets with website contact information, updating mailing lists, sending out reminders or invites, processing patient intake forms, handling patient referrals and MUCH more can be automated now! 

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