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About Us

About VirtuOps

"Our goal is to help small and medium businesses save time and money by eliminating tasks associated with small business websites, routine application tasks, and web design"     VirtuOps Leadership

MKAdvantage, Inc., was established as an IBM reseller and VAR in 2006.  After deploying hundreds of Tivoli Netcool Omnibus and Impact project around the globe for fortune 500 companies, MKAdvantage rebranded as VirtuOps.  VirtuOps has been led by MKAdvantage founder Christopher Schaft since 2006.  VirtuOps has delivered global solutions across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 


VirtuOps created the Pilot platform to help small businesses automate their day to day website and business tasks (HubSpot, Google Sheets, Mail Chimp lists, Sales Force, LinkedIn and more).  Soon after, VirtuOps developed the Digital Assistant which helps small business owners create SEO rich website content at exponential speed. 

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