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4 Ways to Make your Wix Website Run Faster.

Make Wix website faster
Faster content loading is a goal for every Wix website

There is no happiness to be found in a slow loading website. Unfortunately I see too often people who are doing the do it yourself (DIY) websites creating pages that take forever to load, if they load at all. Many of the DIY website platforms do a great job of making it easy to create a site. However, the responsibility of creating a fast, responsive website lies in the hands of the designer...and in that case it is you. Not to worry. There are a number of ways to ensure that the pages you create will not only look great, but be quick to load on any device. Below are four important things to remember when you are creating a website on Wix (or any DIY platform for that matter).

Tip 1:  Compress Your Pictures

If you are someone that likes to take their own pictures and put them on your website or you want to use stock photos, you need to watch your image sizes. Nice cameras take nice pictures. Nice pictures have really nice resolution, which leads to really large files. These large files take a long time to load. If you have 3 photos on a web page and each of them is 4MB a piece, you now have a page that is at least 12 MB in size. This is a lot for a browser to download and render, and may not come up on a phone or tablet at all. So how do you get those really nice looking photos on your website?  The answer: compression.