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4 Signs Your Web Designer Is Going To Kill Your Website.

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Web designer destroy website
Don't let this happen to your website

No one sets out to hire a web designer thinking that said designer will ultimately destroy their website.  And it isn't like the web designer wants to destroy your website.  But believe me, it happens in small businesses all the time.  64% of small-business owners say finding the time necessary to update their website is a major challenge, which is why companies look to hire a designer to help them with their site.

And this is where things go south.  Companies look online and find a firm that can "create/fix/update your website for <insert small fee here>!"  Sounding like a good idea, the small business owner takes this seemingly small risk.  What the small business owner doesn't know is their website can cost them 5-10 times as much year after year when they use a designer.  This is why most business owners stop updating their site.  Within 12 months or less, their site completely stops getting traffic.  Here are 4 tell-tale signs that your next web designer is about to kill your website (and your wallet) and how to stop them.

Problem 1:  They Ask Few or No Questions A