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How 5 Therapists Got their Business to Rank On Page One of Google

You cannot have a bad website in today's market. In fact, even a great website doesn't matter if no one visits the site. And once you get people to the site, you don't want people to just look around. So here in lies the question: How do I get my site on page one of Google search results for search terms that convert? Let's take a look at five therapy practices that did exactly that.

All five of the practices below either had no website or had an underperforming website before they became a VirtuOps customer. All five had similar issues:

  1. Maintaining their website was too hard and too time consuming. They didn't have the time (or desire) to learn the skills required to properly maintain a website efficiently.

  2. They didn't have the money to pay a designer for every little update.

  3. The designers they did use were difficult or impossible to get a hold of for even the simplest of updates.

  4. The therapists all had highly specialized training and advanced degrees. Using web designers who didn't understand their domain of expertise led to unusuable text that made content creation even more difficult.

For each of the customers below, VirtuOps and the VirtuOps Digital Assistant (VDA) added the following value:

  1. Made content generation as easy as filling out a form or just pointing and clicking. One of the keys to ranking well on Google is a steady stream of quality content. The VDA is especially well suited for curated content (instead of just dropping a link in the site, curating content is a better way to show your authority which Google likes.)

  2. Added in self-service tools while maintaining security. Employees can update their own bios, pictures, and even add their own blogs. This takes a massive time burden off of the practice owner and enables several authors to contribute quality site content.

  3. Some of the sites incorporated professional directories. This helped drive referral revenue and also helped add more quality content and key words as other professionals added their businesses to the site. This also created an easy conversation to have with other professionals around reciprocal links, or link building, which Google also likes.

Here are the stories of the five customers that used the VirtuOps Digital Assistant to get on page one for highly lucrative search terms.

Location: Howell NJ

Specialty: Speech therapy, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Search Term/Key word: 'speech therapy howell nj'

Alliance Speech and Language used the VirtuOps Digital Assistant (VDA) profusely. They mastered content curation using the VDA which helped get them to page one of Google rather quickly (a few months). This website features dozens of quality curated resources. Each resource only took a minute or two to add using the VDA vs. half an hour doing it by hand. The advantage of using the VDA here was that Alliance Speech and Language could add descriptions and key insights that explained why the resource was important to their site visitors AND also describe their authority on the subject. Alliance also made heavy use of the professional directory which helped not only drive thousands of dollars of referral revenue but also helped capture more key words through helpful content.

Location: Redondo Beach CA

Specialty: Speech Therapy with special emphasis on Reading and Educational Therapy

Search Term/Key word: 'dyslexia redondo beach'

Language & Literacy Group used the VDA to create beautiful services pages, manage their testimonials, create a gallery of photos (all with ALT tags applied), and add professional resources that speak to their expertise. Dyslexia is a very difficult and sought after key word but this firm ranks high on page one for this term. The VDA also makes it very easy to add content for not only the desktop but the mobile view as well. More than 70% of all website views are now mobile, and the VDA makes it incredibly easy to create content that is mobile ready.

Location: Denton TX

Specialty: Speech therapy, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Search Term/Key word: 'speech therapy denton tx' 'myofunctional therapy denton tx'

Rodriguez Speech and Myofunctional Therapy not only uses the VDA for resources, testimonials and other content management, but they also have a portal that they use heavily for their exercises. This is part of the VDA and also uses VirtuOps Pilot workflows to manage exercise content for patients. Patients visit the portal on a regular basis which means the site gets a large number of direct website visits. These visit are also 'high quality' visits because users spend a lot of time on the portal pages. According to SEMRush, direct website visits and time on site are the top two factors in how a page ranks on Google.

Location: Roselle, IL

Specialty: Speech therapy, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Search Term/Key word: 'speech therapy roselle il'

Simply Communication made great use of several VDA tools from resources to professional directory management to testimonials. The VirtuOps design team also helped her with a nice video introduction on the front page which helps with time on site, a key SEO ranking factor. The Simply Communication team used to have to rely on an outside web designer to create and modify content. Now they simply use the VDA to update testimonials, services, resources, and approve professional directory entries...all within a few minutes with no skill sets required. This helps them STAY on page one of Google.

Location: San Jose, CA

Specialty: Speech therapy speciallizing in bilingual speech

Search Term/Key word: 'bilingual speech therapy san jose'

Probably the best success story of all 5, this clinic just started a few months back. They had no website and are in a challenging market in San Jose, CA. We put together a site for them and decided to leverage the VDA to create content to focus on the bilingual aspects of their services. This clinic also used blogs to add more high quality content and get onto page one of Google for 'bilingual speech therapy san jose'. They have resources, services, testimonials and a well written 'About' page that are all managed directly by the client. The VDA helps accelerate the generation of new content so the client doesn't have to spend hours adding a new piece of curated content, testimonial or other SEO rich content. She has had several appointments come through the website and many more people sign up for her email marketing campaign, which is automated using Virtuops Pilot.

Are you looking to get your website to page one of Google, but feel like it is just too much work? Are you using the right search terms to attract the best potential clients? Contact us today to get a free consultation. It is far less expensive to have your website generate leads than using traditional outbound methods.


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