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How to get Small Business Owners to Read Your Blog.

Write better blogs for small businesses
Small business owners are not easily impressed.

Rule number one that we all learned back in grade school writing class still holds true today: know your audience. If you take away anything from this article, know this...small business owners barely have time to read the things that they are supposed to read for their JOB! So if your plan is to write a blog article that will appeal to small business owners (like me for instance), I would recommend a few dos and don'ts before you let us know what's on your mind:

DO:  Write 1600 words or less.

I would say this is a general rule but I have to be honest....I am going to stick this in the absolutely imperative category. I cannot remember the last time I sat down and seriously read any blog that was more than 1300 - 1600 words. When I am saddled with having to read entire manuals to learn the next new thing in the next few days, I am not interested in reading a blog that is the same length as the O'Reilly book sitting in front of me.