Frequently asked questions

What factors affect the development pricing?

Short answer is "the amount of work we end up doing." The more pages we create, the size of pages, custom tasks, custom workflows, additional review cycles, etc all affect price.

What does a typical development project cost?

Our development projects are usually $2500 on the low end and usually do not go above $7000.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We can accommodate partial payments up front and then monthly payments for services and hosting. We can also split up payments across deliverables or accept lump sum payments up front in exchange for generous discounts. Bottom line, we will work with you. We are a business too.

Can I just get the basics right now and add on later, because I really need a new website right now but cannot afford much?

Yes! In fact, this is what many of our customers do. It makes perfect sense to get to know us first before you dive in with a large investment.

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VirtuOps® and NOC HERO™ are Trademarks of MKAdvantage, Inc.

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