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12 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Firm


Eric Enge

"Signing up with an incompetent SEO agency can do considerable harm to your business. If you are not technical, or don't understand the basics of how SEO works, hiring an agency may even be a frightening prospect."

12 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Firm
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SEO is hard work, period. You don't fall out of bed and get good SEO rankings. There is a lot of analysis to find good key words and then create good content around those keywords. While good SEO will definitely help you get more traffic to your site, bad SEO will destroy your online reputation and put you in the Google dog house.

Eric goes over these 12 red flags in his experience with SEO firms:

They Won't Tell You What They Are Doing
You Can't Understand Their Explanation.
Their Guarantees Sound Too Good to Be True.
The SEO Firm Treats SEO Like it Works in a Vacuum.
They Have Too Many Clients.
They propose to create tons of pages using some form of automation.
Their proposal focuses on creating tons of inbound links to your site.
They send you a proposal that talks about "submissions" or "listing your site".
Metadata is a focal point of their pitch.
The pricing seems too good to believe.
The proposal talks about price per link.
They say they have inside info on the algo.

I really enjoyed this article because I have seen these same red flags when coming across "cheap" web designers. SEO is not quick or simple. It takes experienced professionals who are dedicated to this craft. Well done Eric!

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