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Saving Cost on Marketing and Operations - Chrysalis Orofacial

A small and growing practice, Chrysalis Orofacial provides Tethered Oral Tissue Speciality training and consulting.  Take a look at how they got a state of the art web presence powered by a digital assistant that manages EventBrite conferences, Mailchimp mailing lists, contact forms and more.


Chrysalis Orofacial provides unique, specialized training in tethered oral tissues to speech language pathologists, dentists, lactation consultants, and a variety of therapists.  The training and consulting is focused on helping to diagnose and treat tongue tie in people of all ages.

The Challenges

Chrysalis Orofacial had three goals for their new site:  

1)  A more professional look and feel  

2)  Better content that was business focused and could be segmented into public and private areas

3)  Reduce the amount of work created by new contacts, new professional directory registrants, and updated conference schedules.

The Plan

Chrysalis Orofacial engaged VirtuOps for an Advanced Package bundle that included a solution suited to all challenges.  The bundle addressed design, content and automation with a state of the art web server which was powered by VirtuOps Pilot automation.  

Requirements and Design

VirtuOps Design phase began with an in depth interview with Chrysalis Orofacial to understand their business and their prospective clients.    Before any coding or technical work began, VirtuOps gained a solid understanding of the personas that were most likely to visit the site, why they would visit, and what they were expected to do when they got to the site.  This helped to formulate a plan for pages, layouts, color schemes, fonts, CSS and navigation.


Once the page structure and layout were agreed to, VirtuOps focused on creating business focused copy that would score well on SEO rankings and attract the right kinds of prospects.  We also created content that was segmented to public and private pages.  Private pages were only accessible to clients who paid for training or other consulting.  This helped drive more top of the funnel activity for Chrysalis as more requests for access to the restricted content led to more booked training and consulting.

The VirtuOps Pilot "Digital Assistant"

VirtuOps Pilot workflows provide a digital assistant that helps Chrysalis run its business without human interaction.  Pilot synchronizes new EventBrite events with the newly created Schedule page.  Other workflows process all new contacts coming into the site and routes the information to the right email address based on the subject.  The workflows also add the contact to Mailchimp if the contact has opted in to the mailing list.  There is additional automation incorporated directly into the web server that enables user owned and operated directory maintenance, which removes the work of maintaining the directory from Chrysalis personnel.  

The Result

  • A superior look and feel to the site

  • Updated content that scores high on the SEO rankings and attracts new business

  • COST SAVINGS:  25 hours a month of work now done by VirtuOps

  • REVENUE GENERATED:  Email campaign reach increased by 40% and schedule auto updates capture 30% more conference attendees 

The Power of Automation
See How a Leading Manufacturing Company Saved Thousands of Dollars and increased Revenue by Integrating ERP, ECommerce and their CRM system using VirtuOps Pilot Automation

We can't hire more people!

This is what the owner of a growing manufacturing company told us when she was faced with having to postpone order fulfillment when her ECommerce orders could not share information with her on premise ERP system.  See how VirtuOps Pilot Automation brought all of these systems together and saved thousands.


This company had a website hosted through a third party.  They upgraded their website and added Wordpress ECommerce (WooCommerce).  Their ECommerce system allowed them to expand their business beyond the brick and mortar stores and provided large scale growth in a short amount of time.

The Problem

Their ECommerce system became a critical part of their infrastructure, but it did not integrate with their Everest ERP system, which was on premise.  The ECommerce system also did not integrate neatly with their Insightly CRM system or their ActiveCampaign digital marketing system.  Every time an order was place in the ECommerce system, the information from that system was MANUALLY added to the other systems.  Conversely, when the ERP system was updated, the ECommerce system needed to be updated by hand.  With hundreds of products and thousands of orders a month, there was no way this could be done without full time labor which the company did not plan to hire.  

The Solution - A Digital Assistant

To get all of these cloud based and on premise solutions integrated, they installed a VirtuOps Pilot server in the cloud and purchased custom services  to create connectors for on premise integrations.  The multiple disparate systems were sharing data in less than two weeks without any human interaction.


The Result

  • A fully integrated Digital Assistant that moves information from system to system flawlessly and at machine speed

  • Zero revenue delayed due to lack of synchronization between the ERP and ECommerce Systems

  • No human interaction required, hundreds of labor hours eliminated

  • Growth from 3,000 to 10,000+ customers made possible without hiring any additional staff  

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