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State of the Art Web Server

Your package will come with a web server that has a state of the art content management system, SEO optimization, a domain name if you don't have one, an SSL certificate if you need one many other features.


VirtuOps® Pilot Server

Your VirtuOps® Pilot server will be your "digital assistant" running in the background.  It is hosted in the cloud by us, running 24 hours a day getting work done such as managing email campaign lists, marketing tasks, processing sales orders, updating inventory and much, MUCH more.


A Stunning Website

(that gets work done!)

Combine the first two with our design expertise and you will have a website that not only has a superior look and feel, but gives you an advantage over your competitors as your site completes tasks while you grow the business

Customer Site Details
  • Needs to create website content and update website content faster to get more site visitors and keep up with the competition (and do so without an expensive designer)
  • Needs to create pages that users can update on their own (directory)
  • Needs to sell things on the site, but doesn't need ECommerce (although we do ECommerce).
  • Needs a refreshed, more professional look and feelWants to rank higher on search engines
  • Needs to better articulate the features, benefits and differentiators of their business 
Customer Automation Requirements
  • Needs new contacts inserted into HubSpot CRM
  • Needs opt in contacts inserted into MailChimp List
  • Needs non-opt in follow up emails sent at a particular cadence
  • Needs to synchronize Eventbrite calendar to the website
  • Needs to update Google sheets when a contact is created
  • Needs to update HubSpot when a contact schedules a call via Calendly or ScheduleOnce
  • Approximately 10,000 tasks per month equating to 32 hours a month of extra non-billable work
The Project
  • Advanced Package - Website, Pilot and Services
  • Time - 15 Days
  • Total Year One Cost - Estimated $4450 including services, servers and hosting
  • Recurring cost - $49.99 per month for web server and VirtuOps®  Pilot hosting
  • 10 X Website Traffic Due to Better SEO through User Created Pages in 6 Months
  • 300% Increase in Sales in 6 Months From Automated Campaigns and Digital Nurturing ($200K to $600K)
  • 32 hours of time saved per month​ at $20 per hour = $7680 per year saved!
  • A small business website that will pay for itself in a little over 6 months
    • 32 hours of time saved per month​ at $20 per hour = $7680 per year saved!
    • Cost Savings Continues Long After Project Ends
  • A professional, easy to use, mobile ready website
  • A web presence that better communicates your features and benefits, helping you drive more business
Typical Package
Just Need the Work Done?
Stand Up a VirtuOps® Pilot Server Today
website design and automation
What You Get
You get your own VirtuOps® Pilot instance in the cloud.  Your codeless automation platform gives you drag and drop workflow creation that enables you to automate your work in a matter of minutes.
website design and automation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mail Campaings
  • CRM integration
  • ERP integration
  • Website Content Automation
  • ECommerce integration
  • Storage/Spreadsheet Maintenance
  • Order Processing Automation
  • Helpdesk Automation
website design
The Benefits
  • Save dozens or hundreds of hours a month on repetitive tasks
  • Works with any web server
  • No coding experience required
  • Custom task and workflow development available
  • Works with systems in the cloud, on premise and in private clouds for true end to end automation
Automation Only
Web Help
Improve Your Look
Just need some pages?  We can help you get the website others will envy.
Website Design and Automation
Cleaner Website Design
Added Keywords for Better SEO
Provide back links for other businesses an increase referrals
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