10 Common SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them

SEO takes time and effort. Do not let these mistakes hinder your process along the way.

Facebook and Twitter Likes Do NOT Lead To Higher Page Ranking

Social media is important, but don't mistake likes and links for Google ranking success.

Does Social Media Impact SEO

Hootsuite did a study to see if there was any correlation to social media posting and better SEO. Here are the results.

6 Steps for Writing Amazing Website Content

A great Wix article on how to make your content stand out and grab your audience.

How Black Hat SEO Techniques will Kill your Small Business Website

If you are a small business and aren't sure how to properly get a higher Google ranking, this article is for you.

How Small Business Websites Die - in a Single Diagram

A nice graphic that explains why so many small business websites fail to attract visitors.

Five Ways to Improve Your Website's Ranking

Start learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

5 Shocking Things Google Ads doesn't want you to know about your account.

Are you afraid of giving Google money for Ads, not knowing if your Ad will work? Then read this.

10 Ways To Improve User Experience on Your Website

An article from Hubspot about how to improve your website user experience.

Which colors should I use on my website?

What are the right colors for my website? Read this article and you will know.

7 Tips for Optimizing your Images On your Website

A in depth article describing how to get the most out of the images you put on your website.

12 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Firm

Common SEO red flags that let you know you should probably not hire this particular firm.

5 Ways A New Web Design Helped a Woman Owned Business

A story of how a woman owned business took back control of her website

The Buyer Persona - That Thing That Comes Before Web Design

How the buyer persona must come before the start of any web design project.

Write A High Quality Blog in 6 Steps

Good blog writing is about helping your reader, not yourself. Read this article to get a simple guide on writing great blogs.

How VirtuOps Can Transform Your Dying Website

Presentation that shows how a small business owner used VirtuOps Digital Assistant and VirtuOps Pilot to resurrect their dying website.

(The Right) Content is King - Your Starter Guide to SEO from Moz

This is the definitive getting started guide to SEO. Do not develop your website until you have read this.

Why is Keyword Stuffing Bad?

The Dangers of Keyword Stuffing

Getting Results with Facebook Ads

In this article, you’ll discover three steps to optimize your Facebook ads to reach your ideal target audiences.

8 Steps to getting more Twitter followers

The perfect Twitter primer for anyone looking to grow their following.

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