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VirtuOps Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator
Have you ever asked: how much does it cost to build a website?  Tha'ts an important question.  What you spend on your website is important.  But without a plan to recoup your cost and get a return on investment, no amount of money makes sense.  Fill out the two sections below and find out how you can recoup your investment and save money going forward with VirtuOps Pilot automation.   All numbers that appear in here are estimates and in no way constitute formal pricing.  To get formal pricing, go here for a quote (NOTE:  PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE!)
Website Project Questions
15 Pages
# of pages
Amount of customization
0= stock photos and templates, 5 = total custom
Amount of Content Provided
0 = you provide all copy,  graphics   5  = we provide most.
Mobile Responsive
ECommerce or CMS
0 = none,  3  = Most Advanced.
Number of Integrations
Amount of Automation
0 = none,  5  =  Dozens of tasks and workflows
Estimated Time - Days
Estimated Cost - Services 
3 Apps/Data Sources
Calculate Cost
Get the ROI
ROI Calculation
Number of Tasks Automated
Read spreadsheet, update sheet = 2 tasks
Read email, forward email = 2 tasks
Get contact form info, add to CRM, update CRM notes = 3 tasks
Average Time Per Task (seconds)
Avg # Times Tasks Executed (per task / per day)
Don't forget to factor in repeating a task because of mistakes
Hourly Rate of Person(s) doing tasks
Cost of Person Doing Tasks/Monthly
Calculate ROI
Year 1 Total Cost of Ownership
Less Amount Saved  1st Year VirtuOps Automation
1st Year TCO With Automation
Estimated Time to Recoup New Website Investment
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