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5 Ways A New Web Design Helped a Woman Owned Business


Christopher Schaft

"There is no way I could do all of this on my own. Creating all of this content, synchronizing external applications, keeping up with my mailing list and making sure the site look right on mobile? Web design is NOT what I get paid to do!"

5 Ways A New Web Design Helped a Woman Owned Business
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Autumn Henning is a Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist with a background in speech language pathology. Several months ago we started talking about her website and how she wished her website looked "more professional". I asked her "why do you think it looks the way it does?"

"I don't have the time, money or skill to make it any better." And there it is. After all of the 'easy' DIY website templates and 'cheap' web designers who wanted to charge her for every change in text or graphics, she finally got fed up and just let the site wither. It's not that she didn't understand how important a website was (she certainly did). It's just that she needed help.

Check out Autumn's new site by clicking the button. Autumn can now:

- Synchronize her Eventbrite schedule with her site with one click

- Create new stunning web page content in a matter of seconds, just by filling in a form

- Attract new business through referrals by adding other professionals to her directory....without lifting a finger

- Manager her newsletter mailing list by letting her VirtuOps Digital Assistant automate the list creation

- Manage her site and directory access with a simple click of a button

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