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6 Steps for Writing Amazing Website Content



"Answer these 6 important questions on your website, so visitors will know what you do and why they should choose you. "

6 Steps for Writing Amazing Website Content
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VirtuOps Digital Assistant and VirtuOps Pilot are helping small business owners all around the world by making the development of website content easier. We take tasks that usually require a designer or take hundreds of dollars to accomplish and convert it into a simple form and a workflow.

But it begs the question: how do I know if my content is any good? VirtuOps can handle the objective. This terrific article from Wix handles the 'subjective'. It helps small business owners get into the heads of the personas that visit their site.

By answering these 6 questions, small business owners can transform the text and copy on their site into memorable and actionable artifacts:

- What do you offer?
- Who is it for?
- Why do they need it?
- What is your story?
- Why should they trust you?
- What's next?

The best part of this takes about 5 minutes to read and put into action.

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