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Does Social Media Impact SEO


Zak Ramdani and Eva Taylor

"there appears to be a strong correlation between social activity and rankings."

Does Social Media Impact SEO
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Small businesses constantly struggle to get better SEO. As we have said before in other content and posts, there is no quick or easy way to get better SEO...SEO is work. Quality content still seems to be king.

Zak and Eva make it clear that while social media is not a panacea, there is definitely a correlation between using social media and improved SEO rankings. Their article goes over a highly detailed experiment of 90 articles they break into 3 different groups. The first is a control group that has no social media promotion or exposure. The second group is organically promoted on social media and the third group has paid promotion of the articles on twitter and facebook ($100 promotion fee).

"Yes, social can help with SEO. But that shouldn’t give you a free pass to over-post and spam people’s feeds....Quality of posts—not quantity—is key. Yes, regular posting is important, but if you’re not offering your audience value there’s no point." This was the best piece of advice that I took from this article that I implore all small business website owners learn from. Social media is a means to an end, but it won't work unless you consistently produce quality content that people care about.

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