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How VirtuOps Can Transform Your Dying Website


Christopher Schaft

"Small business websites die because the business owners don't have the time, money or skill to add content CONSISTENTLY. Content is the very lifeblood of a website. Without quality content on a regular basis, a website WILL die." --Chris Schaft

How VirtuOps Can Transform Your Dying Website
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This Powerpoint presentation was one that our company did for a webinar for small business owners looking to find ways to improve their web presence. All of these businesses had the same issues. They were small, they got their website up and running, their business was "on the web". And then it went down hill from there.

After a few months, even the simplest of DIY websites just died. The business owners, even the tech savvy ones, ran out of time and skill to continually add high quality content fast enough. They also realized that there was a lot of terrific content in spreadsheets, event scheduling systems, CRM systems, social media, mail campaigns and more that they simply could not manage. Their website was creating non-revenue generating work.

This presentation addresses this problem and shows live examples of how VirtuOps Digital Assistant and VirtuOps Pilot turned Chrysalis Orofacial's website around. Through automation, integration and workflows we created a stunning web presence that a non-technical small business owner could easily maintain and grow with ease. With additional SEO rich content, the business owner was able to watch her website that was getting 5 hits per month grow to over a thousand hits per month IN JUST TWO MONTHS.

Download this presentation and find out how you can do this as well.

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