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Which colors should I use on my website?



"While there are many steps in creating your own business, branding is one of the most important. It’s the way others perceive what your identity is all about. "

Which colors should I use on my website?
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Nothing can seem to be as subjective as which colors should I choose for my site. As exciting it is to start selecting a color palette for your site, it is something that you need to put thought into.

As a small business owner, you may ask "can I really make a mistake just picking colors?". We believe the answer is "Yes". Why do we think this? Simple. When we help people with small business website, one of the most difficult challenges we face is convincing our customers that their website is not really for them. It is for their BUYER's PERSONA. This is why we spend so much time asking them questions about their potential buyers.

Because even though you own the website, your buyers are the ones using your website. The buyer needs to be convinced to move forward based on the content they see on your website. It is their impression and emotions that need to be catered to, not yours. That's why this article from Wix is so important. When you go about selecting colors, you need to really understand the psychology behind colors and map that to your buyer's persona.

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