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Write A High Quality Blog in 6 Steps


Karim Toulba

"You are supposed to be writing for one reason: to help your readers." --Karim Toulba

Write A High Quality Blog in 6 Steps
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I am always looking for the best advice for small businesses when it comes to writing blogs. Blog writing is an important part of keeping your website alive and rich with new content that will attract visitors. Before I found this article from Karim Toulba, I read...well...tried to read a few other articles about how to write a good blog.

I stumbled across a number of articles that were long, overly technical, and really lost my interest. It almost felt like the blogs were trying to hit every possible key word so they would come up in search engines. As a small business owner, this time wasting writing style is a real turn off (my time being wasted as well as the author's).

Then I came across Karim's article. Karim is one of the few people that I believe really gets blog writing (Jeff Bullas is another...I highly recommend his work as well). Karim gets right to the point up front. Blog writing is about helping your reader. That is the only reason to write blogs. The benefit that accrues to you comes later.

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