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Create HubSpot Contacts with Wix Forms

Capturing your leads when they come in can be a lot of work.  You can automate sending your Wix contacts to HubSpot.  Here are the steps to setting up a standard Wix Form so that it can send contacts to HubSpot.

1. Go to your HubSpot Web Integration Form here and fill in the HubSpot account name, then click Authorize.  You will be redirected to a success page.  Come back here after you get the success message.


2. Beneath the "Authorize" button, click select the Using Form checkbox.


3. Fill out the bottom section.  We need a contact email and recover code in case you lose your form name.


4. Press "Get Form" to get a form name.  You will use this when you log into the Wix Admin.

5. Copy the form name that pops up here (in yellow below):


6. Log into Wix as an admin.  Go to the form you are connecting.  Select the form and click Settings (the gear icon).  In the first or second email, put in  Then scroll down and put your form name that you just copied (see yellow highlighted text above) into your Wix Form Name like you see below (see yellow highlighted text below).  Publish your Wix Page by hitting the "Publish" button in the upper right corner.


If you need more help, write us an email at and tell us how we can be of assistance.

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