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5 Ways to Make Stock Photos Not Suck In Wix.

How small businesses can use stock photos in Wix
Stock photos don't have to look like stock photots.

Look, we small businesses are on a budget. It would be great if we could hire a professional photographer at $300 an hour to snap amazing photos of our business. Nothing beats live images of you doing what you do. Photos, like the ones on this small business website, really tell the best story about what you do and why your customer should go with you.

But you simply aren't made of money, and you need images on your site. So how do you put the right kinds of images on your website without making them look like you just dumped Pixabay into your pages? Here are five tips for making your stock photos so appealing that your visitors won't even care they are stock photos.

Tip 1:  Add Text To the Image...even if it's a caption.